About Us

Welcome to Inline Charlotte!

Perhaps you’re an inline skater, like myself, wanting to get more out of the sport?

Perhaps you’ve never skated, or haven’t in years, but are interested in learning?

Perhaps you’ve seen me skating around Charlotte and want in on the fun?

Regardless the reason, enjoy our site and Contact us to get involved…



Quick Facts:

Founded in 2015, Inline Charlotte is a voluntary organization that is actively looking to grow.

Mission Statement: To unite, develop, and promote safe outdoor inline skating in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How We’ll Get There:

  • Providing resourceful online information for local inline skaters
  • Teaching members about Trail Etiquette and Safety and enforcing standards
  • Challenging members to improve inline skating skills in ourselves and others
  • Building a culture that cares about each other, our community, and environment
  • Organizing and participating in programs/events focused on give back
  • Encouraging personal growth and self-confidence through excellence in skating
  • Committing to adapt and best serve the needs of the organization and its members

Looking to join? Contact us or come out to one of our Wednesday Night Skates or Weekend Meetup Skate Skates. Share this website and encourage any family or friends who may be interested!

Shopping? Check out our Where to Buy Skates page