Little Sugar Creek Greenway – Cordelia Park Extension

Quick Facts:

Name: Little Sugar Creek Greenway – Cordelia Park Extension
Rating: 5/10
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 1.64 miles (3.28 miles roundtrip)
At the southern terminus, this extension requires a tight side-walk bridge crossing and some road skating (7th and McDowell Streets). If it wasn’t for these road connections, this route would be relatively easy. Very pretty albeit a short greenway. This route just about connects NODA all the way south to the Park Road Shopping Center. Extensions are planned!
Refer to Safe & Etiquette skating procedures. Steep Downhill on McDowell Street can create dangerous situations for skaters. Use Caution!
Bonus: Connect this route to the Freedom Park portion of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway for an lengthy skate.


Interactive Trail Map:

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