Little Sugar Creek Greenway – Freedom Park

Quick Facts:

Name: Little Sugar Creek Greenway – Freedom Park Section
Rating: 7/10
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 3.87 miles (7.74 miles roundtrip)
An extremely beautiful skating route that every inline skater must experience.  This trail is a portion of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway system that essentially runs from just outside Uptown Charlotte, through Freedom Park, and on to the Park Road Shopping Center.  There are a few street intersections where caution should be exercised but overall a fast paced trail for those looking to improve their skating endurance.
Refer to Safe & Etiquette skating procedures. There are multiple tunnels that have blind entrances/exits. These tunnels frequently gather small puddles of standing water so take them slow!
Take an extra lap (or five) around the lake at Freedom Park (if not too crowded) or along Manor Dr (near the southern terminus) where you will find a freshly paved .75 mile neighborhood loop. Find suggested parking and public bathrooms using the interactive google map below. Want to make this skate longer? Look into combining this route with the Cordelia Park Extension route.

Interactive Trail Map:

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