Charlotte Rail Trail

Quick Facts:

Name: Charlotte Rail Trail
Rating: 7/10
Difficulty: Beginner (in sections) Expert (Uptown)
Distance: 3.75 miles (7.50 miles roundtrip)
The best way to safely skate Southend! This awesome route is full of linear segments with minimal road crossings. Very flat with smooth wide paths giving enough room to easily share the space with other users. Use caution
Refer to Safe & Etiquette skating procedures. Use caution at Clanton, Remount, West Blvd, Park Ave, Bland and Carson Blvds. If you’re new to skating I suggest you just enjoy the space between Tremont & Remount or Remount & Clanton to avoid intersections.
This route can be connected to the LSCG at Freedom Park and also the Irwin & Stewart Creek Greenways. Please use caution and pick early weekend hours / non rush hour weekday hours to avoid potential injuries.


Interactive Trail Map:

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