Mallard Creek and Clark’s Creek Greenways

Quick Facts:

Name: Mallard Creek and Clark’s Creek Greenways
Rating: 8/10
Difficulty: Beginner – Advanced
Distance: 7.5 miles (15 miles roundtrip)
Charlotte’s longest paved greenway system that connects UNC-Charlotte to several Mallard Creek neighborhoods. Governor Hunt Rd must be used as the greenway section between the eastern and western portions is gravel (see orange diamonds in map). This route is has some very steep sections that can cause skaters to lose control. Beginner portions include the eastern section near UNCC and also on the northern end of the western section (i.e. parking on Saxonbury Way entrance).
Refer to Safe & Etiquette skating procedures. Steep sections found near Mallard Creek Road.
Want to skate 18+ miles? Pick a starting point and complete an entire right (or left) hand loop up and down every extension until you return to the start!


Interactive Trail Map:

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